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Being on tour and playing around is the best thing for an artist. With YMX, you can select city and venue for your gig and leave for your European tour.
You will find great opportunities as opening act slots, unusual venues and locations, and much more: everything to put your music in the spotlight.

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We believe in the strength of being in a team. YMX is the organization to refer to: we can take care of your interests, give suggestions and feedbacks on your work and manage your growth in the music business.
We have strong collaborations with Majors, booking agencies, sync agencies and publishers from all over the world. Your music can be your full-time business with us.


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Your Music eXperience creates growth opportunities for the artist. Live performance is the centre of the artist job. We believe that there is no better way to promote yourself than to play as much as possible and to get back true contact with people in this very technological generation. With YMX you will find real opportunities to play.

Invest on yourself and on your music.

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