“Life after rubbish” at ``2ND FLOOR`` in MM - London
All artworks and installations accepted, made by discarded and unwanted items
JUNE 7 - 23, 2019

“Life after rubbish” held at 2ND FLOOR in Mercato Metropolitano - fantastic space attracting thousands of visitors each day - is curated by YMX. Artists are selected purely on the basis of their talent.

We live in a disposable society. If you break a plate, or stain a shirt, or crack a glass, it's easier to throw it away and buy a new one than it is to repair or transform.
With this exhibition, our aim is to enhance unwanted and discarded items transformed in art.

“Life after rubbish” would like to give a real sensory perception of how much, and what type of waste is found along and how much can be transformed and be art. Beyond the pleasure of admiring beautiful artworks, we especially hope this art initiative will help people reflect more on the impact our trash is having on the environment. Billions of tons of trash end up in our oceans every year and a shocking number of marine species are threatened with extinction because of our inability to deal with our waste. Let’s produce less waste and more art!

YMXArt and Mercato Metropolitano welcome submissions of artworks and installations made by discarded and unwanted items, cardboard, glass, electronic, metal, plastic, wood, second hand items.
Mercato Metropolitano is London’s most innovative space and first sustainable community market for conscientious music, art and food lovers in the heart of Elephant and Castle. MM promotes a healthy and sustainable approach by focussing on artisans and local producers and by raising awareness of sustainability through its onsite urban farm, cookery lessons, cultural programs of films, exhibitions and events.

The exhibition will run from June the 7th to June the 23rd, 2019 and during this time artists will also enjoy great events.

- Friday the 7th: opening day with live music;
- Saturday the 8th: meet&greet with the artists and live music;
- Sunday the 9th: talk and documentary projection;
- Friday the 14th: live music and performances;
- Saturday the 15th: live performances;
- Sunday the 16th: special event “art of recycle” - our objective is to teach people how
to create ``art with purpose`` reusing excess and old items creating generations of artists and crafters who are more environmentally conscious at £20,00 per person (children included);
- Sunday the 23rd: end of the exhibition, meeting between all the artists involved, live music and performances;

“Life after rubbish” is an excellent way for artists both emerging and experienced to showcase their work while also building a strong network within the MM Community.

Fill in the submission form available through our website. YMXArt and Mercato Metropolitano are willing to accept up to three applications from each artist. Any submissions exceeding this limit will not be eligible for inclusion in the exhibition. Submissions are now open. Deadline May the 31st, 2019.

Submission fee x artwork:
- £200,00 for 3 selected artworks or installations with a maximum dimensions of 100x100x100cm (39x39x39inches)
- £150,00 for 2 selected artworks or installations with a maximum dimensions of 50x50x50cm (20x20x20inches)
- £100,00 for 1 selected artwork or installation with a maximum dimensions of 30x30x30cm (12x12x12inches)

The participation includes the following services:
- exhibition space dedicated to the artist's works
- assisting with customs formalities, international shipping and local transport
- assisting in finding accommodation for artists
- the design and the printing of invitation cards, posters
- the realization of the exhibition website and dedicated press releases
- mounting and dismounting of the exhibition
- exhibitions opening event free for guests
- food and drinks deal for artists

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